Lochaber Sports Association is a Company Limited by Guarantee and with Charitable Status managed by a Board of Directors

The Board

The current Board was elected at the Annual General Meeting on 23 November 2020

Stewart Sandison                            Chair

John Mortimer                                Secretary/Treasurer

Cherryl Allan                                    Director

Douglas Little                                  Director

Donald Young                                  Director

Our Objectives

Our immediate objectives are to

Manage and disburse the Highland Council sports grants and awards.

Facilitate the uptake of sport and physical activity by all sections of our community by         supporting our affiliated clubs.

Background and Company Structure

In February 2011 Lochaber Sports Association was formed as a result of the merger between Sportlochaber and Lochaber Sports Council, continuing to be a Company Limited by Guarantee and with Charitable Status.

The Company is managed by the Board of Directors and has one sub-committee, the Grants and Awards Committee.

The Directors are elected by the affiliated clubs and are responsible for the company’s activities.

The Grants and Awards Committee members are representatives from affiliated clubs. It  meets at least bi-monthly to consider applications.

We are a community-led initiative, seeking to work

  • locally – in partnership with the clubs and Highland Council and closely with Lochaber’s primary and secondary schools (through the Active Schools Co-ordinators), VAL
  • nationally – with sportscotland, Scottish ClubSport, Coaching Highland and HSDA

We aim to support all Lochaber’s residents who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, and who would benefit from facilities catering for those who play organised sports, those who wish to keep generally fit, and those who need specialised training to support their chosen sport.

LSA Membership

LSA membership is open to all Sports Clubs in the Lochaber area organising sports activities recognised by sportscotland and individuals, where no club caters for their sport in the area. Clubs and individuals must complete an Application Form

Annual renewal membership fees are due on 1st May.

The year runs from 1 May to 30 April.

New membership applications can be made at any time.

Fees for the current year are £40 for Club Membership and £15 for individuals.

Please use our contact page to request a Membership Form.

Each club will nominate an LSA liaison officer to

  • Disseminate LSA information to club members
  • Bring relevant issues to the attention of the club committee
  • Raise club concerns with LSA
  • Share information via LSA that might help other clubs

LSA MembershipForm

Notes on the Completion of LSA Application for Membership Form